0104 Stay Curious 

Eléa Orengo de Lamazière

“I believe as humans we’ve disconnected from our sense of exploration and comprehension of life through wondering and seeing and experiencing. We believe everything we’re told or read and we get caught up in our heads thinking and forget to look around us to understand.” 

“The action of exploration takes an immense importance in my life and work, whether it be visual exploration, mental exploration, physical exploration, emotional exploration or perceptual exploration. I am constantly and most of the time subconsciously trying to find ways out of the societal norms of experiencing life. I always find myself seeking to explore not necessarily always the unknown but rather the things in front of us we either don’t pay attention to or have accumulated so much factual knowledge on that we no longer value the extreme simplicity or complexity of it’s existence here and now. This way of existing seeps into my way and reason of creating.” 

Eléa Orengo de Lamazière is an interdisciplinary artist born and raised in South Africa, currently based in Barcelona. Her approach and sensitivity to sensorial experiences have driven her work as well as her research into the realms of playing and exploring one’s senses. She focuses her work in the direction of the natural world as well as our direct visual perceptions within our surroundings. Through sight specific installations incorporating bodies of liquid and refracted video projections she invites her viewers to experience their own perspective of ever changing captures of light, sound and colours. Within these she also incorporates her video work in which she captures the world around her with the notion of everything is the same, everything is equal, each being and inanimate object deserve their representation in her eye. She uses her footage to create abstracted realms closely resembling our own yet through layering and green screening may feel almost dream like with subtle hints of our worlds own way of abstracting itself.  To allow the viewer to experience different reactions within their own senses and nervous system she works through creating immersive environments which allows for this. 

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