0107 White Noise

Solo exhibition of artist in residence
Harmony Barr

White Noise is a collection of artworks Harmony Barr has put together throughout her residency at 200CENT, with the exception of the “Painting Flowers Black” piece - which she created whilst listening to a piece of music written and recorded by BREATHER (Ryan Smith).

Faceless figures sit in the foreground, with detailed objects surrounding them, while the background remains white - a void. Creatures take up space in this void

These creatures spill out of the artist's brain without a thought. It's second nature to them. Her sketchbooks are filled with different versions of these "Naked Ladies," as she likes to call them - tracing them back to at least five years ago. Of course, these figures have adapted immensely throughout the years and grown into what they are today - big paintings. The artist knows they will continue to grow and adapt even further as they deep dive into the concept of trying to understand them and what they translate through the tip of their paintbrush.

200CENT is extremely grateful for the opportunity to welcome an artist in residence, Harmony Barr, for the first time. Providing artists with the opportunity to immerse themselves in a dedicated space for their creative endeavors holds significant value. We aspire to cultivate and expand our gallery's commitment to nurturing artists and recognizing the profound benefits that arise from such an enriching collaboration within a diverse and inspiring environment.

Find more information about Harmony and her artistic process here