0106 Óxido Prematuro

Two person exhibition
Romiero Cruz and Joan Vidal

“Óxido Prematuro" (Premature Rust) is an exhibition that fuses the materiality of functional buildings with human flesh. Through the mediums of painting and sculpture we are able to reflect on the fragility and transformation of the human being in the face of disadvantaged social situation, using the term ‘rust as a symbol of decay and corrosion. The work explores the relationship between architecture and people, the impermanence of existence-challenging our perception of reality and reminding us of the ephemeral beauty of the most undervalued spaces in the suburbs.

The exhibition "Óxido Prematuro" intricately weaves together the paintings of Romiero Cruz with the sculptural creations of Joan Vidal, both deeply rooted in their exploration of the urban landscape as a muse. Within their collaborative showcase, a compelling narrative emerges, articulating the symbiotic relationship within cities—their resilience and regeneration following upheaval and decay. Cruz and Vidal's juxtaposed works eloquently depict the indispensable bond between humanity and architectural forms, analyzing the fusion of organic and inorganic elements that define urban existence.

Romiero Cruz is an artist adn creator based in Barcelona, find more of his work here. Joan Vidal is a visual artist based in Barcelona and Mallorca, find more of his work here.

For the closing of the show accompanying artist kikakekika and urge_1 (Aaron Thorogood) produced a sound scape using urban materials that unified with the concepts of “Óxido Prematuro”. Discover more about the artists with the hyper link above.