C102 SOA Paris

Pop-up exhibition
Solo show by Poetry Jackson
Open Mic


For 200CENT’s first collaboration we partnered with our friends SOA Paris to showcase the work of artist Poetry Jackson and host an open mic. Poetry Jackson is an accomplished and visionary visual artist, poet, and creative director, renowned for her captivating artwork and poetic expression. With an unwavering passion for the arts, she continuously pushes boundaries and explores the depths of human emotions through her creative endeavors. Jackson's creations are an intimate reflection of a profound odyssey through life and spirituality. The canvas becomes a gateway to explore the intricate interplay of emotions, internal energies, and the cosmic forces that define our being.

Drawing inspiration from the acclaimed series "Roy G. Biv: Exploring the Divine Spectrum," this exhibition transcends conventional artistic boundaries, seamlessly fusing poetry, color, and spiritual symbolism into a captivating and multi-dimensional experience for visitors. Jackson's art delves into the essence of the chakras, those subtle energy centers that shape physical, emotional, and spiritual equilibrium. 

This exploration is an homage to the divine feminine, a wellspring of boundless strength and creativity. The artist's portraits exude an enchanting power, embodying the transformative influence that has sculpted our world across time.

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