0105 Salut Pau i Fitness

Solo exhibition
Miquel Boneta (K1WY)

“La tranquilidad es lo que mas se busca” 

“K1WY, four capital letters that create a graffiti signature, a nickname that I have kept since I was a child. Behind this enigmatic name I find myself, Miquel Boneta (Tremp, 1998), I am 25 years old and I consider myself a multidisciplinary artist and somewhat difficult to label. Currently I dedicate my day to day to painting, tattooing and, above all, having fun, (because this is what happens when I paint or tattoo jaja). Graffiti has been acquiring great interest throughout my artistic career. Since I was a child, I have had a great interest in expressing my ideas in the street freely, avoiding the limits that paper puts on you and taking advantage of the controversy and social rejection that graffiti implies. I invested a large part of my adolescence in drawing, animating, learning in a self-taught way and I decided to consolidate my knowledge by studying 4 years of Animation and VFX. Fresh out of college, I knew that I wanted to experiment with fine arts. After 4 years of many screens, I needed to get away from the digital realm for at least a while. I found the ideal means to express myself, starting with the wall and the canvas, going through the skin, up to the video. From my beginnings until now, I have evolved towards an art where the apparent banality connects with a reflection on the anguish inherent to loneliness and other states of mind. Behind the nickname K1WY I hide an unsettling and critical essence that directly challenges the viewer.” 

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