0102 Dance As You Wrestle 

Time-based installation
Anna Floto, Kirra Kusy, Elea Orengo de Lamaziere

The triangle, a polygon with three edges and three vertices, is the most stable physical shape. 

 There are three primary colors in the additive and subtractive models.

 In Pythagorean numerology the number 3 is the digit that represents communication. It encourages the expansion of creativity, sociability between people and movement. For Pythagoras, the number 3 was a perfect number, representing harmony, perfection, and divine proportion.

The founders of 200CENT, Anna Floto, Kirra Kusy, and Elea Orengo de Lamaziere construct an installation that runs parallel to the growth of the space 200CENT. Each artist brings three materials for three set amounts of time, considering the previous interaction as a form of connection. Starting with a rotation of three minutes, then three hours, and finishing with three days. The web of materials added each round reflect a dialogue between the artists. How can this divergent language be used within self imposed limits? How can 3 become 1? 

Each artist approched the challenge with their own techniques, skills, and understanding of the space. Because of the difference in backgrounds in artistic production their was a merging that ultimately generated an installation that could not be completed by a singular artist on their own. It is through the diversity where strings of unity are found. Most materials were sourced second hand or from the street, making this a low budget and sustainable production. Anna Floto, Kirra Kusy, and Elea Orengo de Lamaziere continue to produce and collaborate with simmiliar values. Read more about how these artist created 200CENT and continue to provide artists with opportunities to showcase their work and realize off-beat ideas here