Pop-up exhibition
Short film premire

For our second collaboration of 2023,  we worked with Avoid Archives to produce a pop-up store and collection release, including a short film premire and a photo exhibition with work by Anne Roig.

Avoid Archives is a storytelling and thought provoking clothing brand created to address the happenings of modern society. They aim to create a space that promotes open conversations and encourages people to look at the ever changing world from a variety of different perspectives.

Avoid Archives believes that clothing can be a medium for storytelling and should be accessible to all. Our collection is designed for everyone, serving as a canvas for thought-provoking narratives, fresh ideas, and unique perspectives on our ever-changing world. It's not just clothing; it's a platform for sparking conversations and encouraging individuals to express themselves comfortably and confidently.

Find out more about Avoid Archives, and watch the short film here.