0202 Conócete a ti mismo

Solo show

Know thyself is a concept that has been explored and debated throughout history. From the ancient Greek philosophers to the modern day tweeters. On this occasion we delve into a mystical and spiritual view of this concept, mixing the 4 senses (taste not being present), the 4 elements and a jester as the main character.

“I do not introduce the sense of taste because otherwise the equation would not give me the number 8, as the sum of the year in the year we are currently in 2024 (sinister leap year), that's why this exhibition takes place on 17 February with 29 days and without any taste.”

Regarding the 4 elements from a mystic and spiritual point of view, they represent the different facets of our personality and help us to understand our connection to the world around us. And the jester, the only one who could laugh at the royalty and the court and come out of it with no problems, that is who I am, the one who has come to show you how a buffoon jester also has feelings and that in the end not everything he has to say is just a joke.

“I am Psychoudini, I never reveal my real name or my age. You can call me William Darkdrac and I live in Barcelona (Spain), where I drink blood and sleep in a coffin. My art comes from the center of your fear, where there is fire and no life. My imaginary is totally related to terror, vampires, pain, satanism and symbolism.

I always approach my works from the intuition and the energy that surrounds me. I continually look for pictorial references to add to my imaginary, which is what allows me to improvise. I usually work on images, adding elements as I go along. I choose the colors and structure the pieces instinctively, I let the demons possess me and do the work for me.”

Psychoudini’s solo exhibition was open from Feburary 17th to March 3rd, and included a workshop within that time to teach his technique of painting.  Find out more about the artist here. 

Photos from the workshop held by Psychhoudini