The directors of 200CENT are Anna Floto, Kirra Kusy, and Eléa Orengo de Lamazière. They founded 200CENT in December of 2022 and produced their first event in Febuary 2023. Since then they have worked with over 60+ artists and creators, and held over 20 public events in their space. 200CENT’s mission is to create a third place where artists of all diciplines and anyone who consums art can meet to have a conversation over the work. The rules of the space are very few and the outcomes are in constant flux as the creators have little desire to atune to the traditional standards of a gallery. 

Anna Floto is a British multidisciplinary artist based in Barcelona. She has lived in London and Edinburgh where she worked and studied architecture. Now she is  completing her diploma at Metáfora Studio Arts school, where she intends to pursue post-graduate studies in Art Therapy. Her artistic practice spans various mediums and is united by her deep connection to community and everyday human experiences. Starting from drawing, her work evolves into tattoos and oil painting. Anna finds inspiration in absorbing and interpreting moments and social interactions, which drive her creative process. Collaborating with a diverse range of international artists informs both her work and artistic discourse. You can find out more about Anna and her work here

Kirra Kusy, a multidisciplinary artist originally from Colorado, USA, and currently based in Barcelona. Kirra works in communications, production design and website design inside and and outside of 200CENT. Her artistic practice revolves around the transformative power of found objects and secondhand textiles, imbued with their own histories, which she revitalizes through processes of mending, gathering, repurposing, and detachment from their original context. Through installations and sculptural pieces, Kirra gives formal expression to her artistic vision while considering the specific environment in which her works are situated. The contemplation of the spaces we inhabit in our daily lives, the strength contained in the elements that compose them, their histories, the passage of time, and the deterioration, are fundamental pieces in Kirra's work. Find out more about Kirra and her work here.  

Eléa Orengo de Lamazière is an interdisciplinary artist born and raised in South Africa, currently based in Barcelona. Her approach and sensitivity to sensorial experiences have driven her work as well as her research into the realms of playing and exploring one’s senses. She focuses her work in the direction of the natural world as well as our direct visual perceptions within our surroundings. Through sight specific installations incorporating bodies of liquid and refracted video projections she invites her viewers to experience their own perspective of ever changing captures of light, sound and colours. Within these she also incorporates her video work in which she captures the world around her with the notion of everything is the same, everything is equal, each being and inanimate object deserve their representation in her eye. She uses her footage to create abstracted realms closely resembling our own yet through layering and green screening may feel almost dream like with subtle hints of our worlds own way of abstracting itself.  To allow the viewer to experience different reactions within their own senses and nervous system she works through creating immersive environments which allows for this. Find out more about Eléas work here.