0108 But Is That Really ‘The Old You’?

Two person exhibition
Helena Seidel and Gal Gelbard

200CENT presents an exciting exhibition that brings together the talents of two exceptional artists, Helena Seidel from Cape Town, South Africa, currently completing her Masters in Art Therapy, and Gal Gelbard, a textile artist hailing from New York. Both now based in Barcelona, they joined forces this summer to create "But is that really The Old You," an immersive exploration of artistic fusion. This exhibition is a testament to the limitless possibilities that emerge when creative minds converge.

Helena and Gal, initially connected through a mutual friend, were drawn to each other's creative processes. As they started their collaborative journey, they discovered that their creative work became a conduit for deeper understanding. This led them to contemplate the questions: How much capacity for transformation do we truly possess within our lifetime? Can we effectively reshape or eliminate patterns rooted in our past? Is our pursuit of breaking these patterns a constant exercise in self-regulation?

Through their artistry, these two artists have provided a window into the exploration of conscious and subconscious repetitive behaviors within the context of their life journeys thus far. This partnership enabled them to delve deeper into their individual artistic processes, unravel the point of convergence, and unearth the very essence of what initially drew them to each other's art. Helena summarizes this transformative experience, stating, "As we got to know each other through our artistic practices, we discovered how we can intertwine between each others work." When asked about the rewarding aspects of the collaboration Gal explains that “there was a mutual motivation and excitement fueled by each other. After completing a piece and feeling good — or not, it was helpful to have the other person give momentum forward.”

The artists deal with existential topics in an intimate manner and with a playful attitude, resulting in an exhibition that encourages open self-reflection.

What sets this collaboration apart is not only the distinctiveness of each artist's process but also the powerful synergy that arises from their differences. Gal’s textile work is an ode to structure and precision, while Helena’s pieces celebrate the flowing and organic. Through their collaboration, they found a unique ability to inspire and influence each other, creating a body of work that beautifully melds the dualities of structure and flow.

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The closing exhibition included a live set by the producer @lotsze who also interviewed Gal and Helena, creating a short film that can be found here.